Faraz Syed Joins Stratifyd as the Global Head of Alliances and Marketplace

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Faraz Syed joins Stratifyd after more than 20 years of experience in the tech industry, including positions held at Hewlett-Packard, CA Technologies, and Capgemini.

“We’re thrilled to have Faraz on board,” Stratifyd CEO Derek Wang said. “He’s going to be instrumental in helping us build and expand our marketplace which will take Stratifyd to the next level. His expertise is invaluable.”

Syed grew up in Dubai. He’s been developing software since he was 8 years old and started his first software company — writing programs for the Financial Accounting System and the Stock Control System — when he was 13.

At 15, Syed was hired by the largest consulting company in the Middle East at which he learned how to be a professional. He worked there until he was 20, at which point he felt he had exceeded his potential. He applied for a Visa and came to the United States with two suitcases, $2,000, and no idea what he was going to do for work. He found a job, an apartment, and learned to drive within three months, and Charlotte has been his home ever since.

Syed found out about Stratifyd after running into a former coworker — Stratifyd Chief Revenue Officer Brad Fleeman — at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. The two were standing in line next to each other at a security checkpoint and spent a few minutes catching up. After that encounter, Syed sent Fleeman a message on LinkedIn telling him that it was good to see him. Fleeman’s response was, “You should come check out our startup.”

“It was an instant connection,” Syed said. “I don’t want to sound too cheesy, but I fell in love with the company. I was very inspired by the leadership team and in awe of the amazing culture that’s been built over the years.”

After Syed came onsite at Stratifyd, he texted Wang saying, “You’ve got something very special and I want to be a part of it.” A few weeks later, Wang offered Syed a job.

Syed believes Stratifyd is in a unique position in the market, and that money is being poured into AI and customer analytics companies.

“Stratifyd has a head start in the sense that we know what our position is in the market, what our solution offering is, what kinds of problems we’re trying to solve, and what makes us unique,” Syed said. “I'm focused on developing the marketplace and growing our platform to that next level by advancing our software.”