Data analytics for finance

Create Customer Loyalty & Inform Investment Opportunities

Leverage real time data to improve customer satisfaction, create data driven investment decisions, and improve overall earnings.

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Industry Specific Data Connectors & Templates

Stratifyd's data analytics platform allows financial users to integrate, analyze, and visualize data in a single platform, empowering their analysts through a holistic view of both structured and unstructured data. 

“With Stratifyd as our partner, Ally has greater insights on the user experience, and made chat analytics part of our regular operational process. This was very challenging with other BI tools. ”

      - Sr. Director Product & Marketing Analytics at a financial Insitution


Unsupervised Machine Learning

Proven Results For Chat Analysis

Leverage Our Platform to Improve:

  • Chats analyzed monthly or daily with insights delivered daily
  • Improve time to insight
  • Categorize key drivers behind chat
  • Monitor emerging issues with new product/feature release
  • Customer segmentation increases cross selling revenue
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Call Center Agent Performance API

  • Monitor trends and key topics from customer calls

  • Track key agent performance metrics

  • Deep Dive Into Individual Agent Records

  • Visualize agent efficiency and call sentiment

Product Management

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Gain Insight Into Customer Feedback In Real Time

  • Unify multiple sources of consumer feedback including public consumer complaints and customer surveys
  • Compare products offerings and identify drivers behind customer satisfaction
  • Capture customer voice by identifying key needs and wants
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