Mitigate Risks With Stratifyd

Lacking efficient methods for analyzing customer feedback puts you at risk of losing them.

Stratifyd is powered by AI and specializes in analyzing both
structured and unstructured feedback.

Our platform ingests omni-channel data and uses machine learning
to assign sentiment and categorize the findings.

Our platform has a number of other valuable features, too.

We’re the fastest time to
insights platform.

Our platform has alerting and
case management functionality, giving
you the opportunity to become
more proactive.

It can accurately predict CSAT
ratings and reasoning when customers
fail to, or don’t fully provide

Stratifyd has helped companies in the Financial Services industry
save time and resources, improve CX, better products
and services, and grow revenue.

Customers have reaped the benefits of simplified payment processes and updated, easier-to-navigate web pages,
and the companies have experienced significantly higher CSAT scores. No matter which way you look at the benefits,
the message is clear: Stratifyd is a win.

To see how Stratifyd can help your company improve,
schedule a demo with us.