Fortune 50 Financial Services Company


To analyze omni-channel customer feedback pertaining to CX to identify and understand pain points, and to fuel competitor analysis efforts.

Partnership With Stratifyd

This company sought our help to improve CX. Though omni-channel data was ingested and analyzed, the company decided to focus on mobile app reviews and social data.

Our platform was able to deliver the same insights that took its analysts months to uncover, in minutes.

Notable Use Case(s)

When conducting competitor analyses, the company used our platform to compare mobile app reviews for itself and another company in the space whose app was not as robust. We ingested both customer reviews and J.D. Power studies to assess the usability of the two apps and compare specific categories.

The competitor had more positive reviews in terms of customer service, and the company found that even though its app had many more features than its competitor, users favored the ease-of-use and straightforward presentation of the latter. Our client worked to simplify its app, making it easier for users to find what they were looking for in order to retain customers and become more competitive in the space.

The company also identified an instance in which customers were experiencing fingerprint login issues. The app had a bug and wasn’t recognizing users’ fingerprints and triggering an automatic response for them to reset their passwords after trying and failing multiple times to login. Customers were calling the contact center in search of answers and to complain about the inconvenience, which our platform picked up on and brought the issue to analysts’ attention. The company was able to fix the issue and keep CSAT from dipping.

When analyzing social data, our platform found that during a specific time period, many people were tweeting at the company and including the word “amendment.” Confused, analysts dove deeper into this keyword and saw that these tweets were in response to a new firearms policy – requiring that retail clients or partners adhere to certain best practices when selling firearms, such as not selling to anyone under the age of 21 or who hasn’t passed a background check. Some customers felt this policy violated the Second and Fifth Amendments and were displeased. This was unknown and unexpected information that our platform helped uncover.


Through the use of our platform, the company has been able to understand the reasoning behind the feedback it’s been given to make improvements to its business, products and services, and the overall customer experience. It's enjoyed the speed of our platform, which saves analysts a significant amount of time, and the ability to conduct ad hoc analyses.