Fortune 500 Auto Manufacturer

This company has been manufacturing vehicles for more than 90 years and has locations spanning five continents. In its tenure, the company has been a leader in innovation and wanted to use customer feedback to continue making high quality products that are safe and easy to use.

Partnership With Stratifyd

The company’s own efforts to extract, categorize, and report on unstructured data were time-consuming and labor-intensive, so it sought outside help.

The company’s central focus has been to analyze cross-channel customer data to identify design issues, product defects, and why the company’s rankings had steadily dropped in the J.D. Power Initial Quality Survey (IQS) over the past few years. From there, they wanted to know which model and class customers were most likely to answer the survey and how they would respond in order to proactively communicate with those customers.

Stratifyd’s platform was able to identify things the industry referred to as difficult to use (DTU) and things gone wrong (TGWs) and isolate the exact vehicles with these features and problems. This allowed for selecting the top five opportunities for improvement by class and model for the quality management team to focus on improving. These data-driven insights also gave the company the chance to plan for incremental improvement in key markets.

The company uses our platform’s predictive intelligence to be more proactive than reactive in order to increase customer retention, acquisition, and the overall experience. It also helps facilitate daily reporting to the company’s executive teams and have data available to confirm or discourage proposed changes in strategy.

Key Findings

Using Stratifyd’s platform, the company is able to see which vehicles are most prone to tire pressure sensitivity, squeaky brake pads, navigation issues, entertainment difficulties, etc. And it can let the company know whether most issues are occurring among the exterior or interior of vehicles in order to shift focus when developing new products.

But perhaps the most significant use case was identifying that some customers were complaining about a burning smell. This specific issue was caused by a missing resonator cap. Our platform isolated the model and class and was able to use the geographic location feature to pinpoint the exact facility in Alabama which was the root of the problem. The company was able to recall just the affected vehicles instead of issuing a mass recall, which saved millions of dollars.


Thanks to a partnership with Stratifyd, the company had actionable insights to help improve training efforts and dealer engagement in order to address gaps.

The company has been able to use unbiased, omni-channel analytics to improve market share and brand perception and increase revenue.

Next Steps

The company continues to use Stratifyd’s platform for awareness of design flaws, production defects, and customer satisfaction to ensure the owners of its vehicles are happy and safe.

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