Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

Industry: Financial Services
Department(s): Customer Experience

Use Case(s): Customer Acquisition, Customer Retention

This company uses Stratifyd to analyze survey data, chat logs, and phone calls to identify emerging topics and trends. This helps them understand impact to customer acquisition and retention through sentiment around new and existing program and service offerings. Stratifyd provides a holistic view of their data from all channels enabling them to make data-driven decisions that increase customer acquisition and retention.



  • CEO is very interested in insights from customer interactions across different channels
  • Difficulty gathering data for customer insights
  • Difficulty making data-driven decisions from customer interactions


  • Stratifyd provides a complete view of customer insights
  • Stratifyd takes data from sources across the organization and brings them together in a single platform


  • Decreased time to insight
  • Faster, data-driven decision making
  • Enhanced products and support based on customer response
  • Increased customer acquisition and retention



  • Difficulty analyzing Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, chat log, and call center data


  • Stratifyd's machine learning automates data collection and analysis
  • The redaction engine enables them to remove PII before entering the Stratifyd system
  • Stratifyd's ease of use has led to expanded use of the platform within the company


  • Decreased time spent on data analysis
  • Increased analysts' ability to take action on insights