How to Share Dashboards

Groups and Sharing

You can create groups with team members to share dashboards, taxonomies, lexicons, and stopword lists with in addition to sharing with individuals. When you share information, you can select the access rights for each group or individual you wish to share with.

How to Create and Manage Groups

  1. From the main screen, click on the Groups icon.
  1. Select the + icon in the bottom right corner.
  2. Name your group and add members.
  1. Save the group to your groups library.

You can edit members of groups by selecting the group in the Group Library to rename, add members, or remove members.

Sharing Dashboards and Other Information

  • From the dashboards menu or other collective menus – such as Taxonomies, Sentiment Lexicons, Stopword Lists, etc. - look for the Sharing Icon to share the desired information.
  • You can also share dashboards, taxonomies, sentiment lexicons, stopword lists, and other modules by selecting their drop-down arrow menus, then choosing Share…
  • Search for individuals by name, email address, or group name to share with.
  • Edit the access rights for groups or individuals you’ve chosen to share with.

You can also share dashboards by embedding the dashboard to your webpage using iFrame or URL.

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