Put Your Data to Work for Increased Customer Satisfaction

Gather customer feedback data from multiple channels to measure interaction, respond to emerging issues, and create repeat customers.

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Process millions of pieces of information in minutes.

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AI powered analysis creates unbiased results.

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Reveal unknown insights from the data story.

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AI data preparation removes manual labor.


Merge enterprise, 3rd party, and public data. 

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Analyze your entire data set from any source.


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Businesses rely on the AI powered analytics platform that Stratifyd has developed to unify their data sources, provide contextual AI analysis, and achieve faster data driven solutions.


Intuitive Functionality

  • Efficiently merge separate data silos for a singular view.

  • Quickly customize dashboards to display relevant data.

  • Effortlessly filter data to contextualize real time insights.


Improved Satisfaction

  • Easily analyze customer feedback to gain a deeper understanding of their preferences.
  • Automatically measure reputation and the effect on booking to create a great experience.
  • Immediately identify emerging trends and areas of opportunity to keep the right customers.
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Merge data from structured and unstructured sources to create a complete overview of your entire data set from all channels.

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Leverage in depth insights to understand customer patterns, investment opportunities, and ways to improve engagement.

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Use unbiased analysis to create data driven decision making across all sectors of business operations.

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