Clinical Insights From an AI-Powered Platform

Stratifyd delivers insights from customer data in real time so you can keep the community healthier and better serve patients.

Stratifyd specializes in analyzing both structured and unstructured feedback.

Our platform ingests omni-channel data and uses machine learning to assign sentiment and categorize the findings. Here’s a demo video to show how hospitals like yours could benefit from using Stratifyd.

Our platform has a number of other valuable features, too.

  • We’re the fastest time to insights platform.
  • Our platform has alerting and case management functionality, giving you the opportunity to become more proactive.
  • It can accurately predict CSAT ratings and reasoning when customers fail to, or don’t fully provide feedback.
We’ve helped a top pharmaceutical company improve quality of life for their customers by identifying an issue with an insulin drug. Customers were leaving negative reviews containing the words “injection site,” leading to the discovery that many prescribing doctors weren’t teaching people how to properly administer the drug. Users of this were turning to tutorial videos and minimal instructions online.
The company was able to communicate to doctors that demonstrations on how to inject oneself were of the utmost importance when prescribing this drug and add more information about the process online as a resource.
To see how Stratifyd can help your company improve, schedule a demo with us.