In Case You Missed It: Advanced Filters, Data Export, and More Exciting Updates!


Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Advanced filters

Stratifyd's interactive nature allows you to drill down into your data just by clicking on what you see. We've extended our drill-down capability by adding in advanced filters so that you can easily get to the data that is most important to your analysis.


Raw data export

Exporting data can now be done directly from the data tab. You can easily select which fields to include (or exclude) from your export so that you only get what you need. Any filters you apply on the dashboard will also be applied to your data export.


Knowledge base

Our knowledge base is growing! Check out step-by-step tutorials or read up on Stratifyd concepts, and easily access from within the platform by clicking on the question mark in the top right corner.

UI updates

We've made a handful of updates to the UI to make it easier to create dashboards and analyze your data so you can get right to the insights even faster than before

Grouping data

Creating grouped dimensions in Stratifyd just got easier. Our new group editor allows you to collapse multiple values into fewer to make visualization and analysis simpler.


Scatter plots

Customize the axes in your scatter plots to add a quick visual reference so it's easier to see where your data falls at a glance.


Radar charts

Create beautiful radar charts if you have a few different values you want to analyze for your data. You can even layer categories on top of one another to compare!


Add widget

Now you can add a widget right where you want it by right clicking on the desired placement in your dashboard.


Customize sentiment

Don't care about sentiment? Now you can turn it off so you can focus on what's important in your NLU model.


I hope you enjoy - Happy analyzing!