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An Innovative Financial Services Company Used our Platform to Increase Customer Satisfaction

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Incresed CSAT

from the mid-80s to 92%

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95% response

from the mid-80s to 92%

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Decreased calls

to the contact center by 20%

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The Challenge

This company realized that its data was extremely disparate. It was siloed in different channels and systems of varying ages, meaning that compiling it in one place in a timely manner would’ve been a massive internal undertaking, so it turned to Stratifyd.

The Resolution

The company’s ultimate goal of partnering with us was to increase customer retention and acquisition, and to allow all employees to act as members of the customer experience team rather than having a small team dedicated to the cause. Our platform democratized data and bridged the gap between data and self-service analytics for the company so more people could contribute data-driven decisions to facilitate its goal.


“We’re able to process information coming in to the contact center all the way through the ecosystem — digital, product, marketing, and it all comes together by the fact that we’re able to incorporate all of that data in one place.”

The Full Story

Using our platform’s speech analytics functionality, the company noticed that many customers called in with similar questions, so it reprioritized the FAQ section on the website to make the answers to these common questions easier to find. This simple act dramatically decreased the amount of inbound calls. And because many calls referenced the same topics, the company was able to better train its agents to respond to these issues, cutting handle time of calls by 20%.

Our platform also utilized predictive intelligence to fill in gaps and predict customer satisfaction scores and reasoning for the 95% of its customer base who choose not to participate in surveys based on existing datasets. This led to an increase of overall CSAT from the mid80s to 92%.

Other noteworthy insights were found in the word cloud visualization of our platform. Analysts noticed that the word “hamburger” appeared in a lot of negatively scored reviews. Confused, the company dug deeper and found that many customers were having difficulty navigating the website because of a hidden hamburger – also referred to as collapsible – menu. This was solved by reformatting the website and making it easier to navigate.

Analysts also found that it was difficult to link accounts for a credit card that had recently been released with others in order to make payments. The company made some functional fixes to make linking accounts easier, thus preventing customer churn.



Company Size

Fortune 500

Data Connectors

Confirmit, Bazaarvoice, Google play, iOS, Live Engage

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