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Create Customer Loyalty & Inform Investment Opportunities

Utilize customer experience to manage expectations and improve company offerings across multiple sectors.

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Industry Specific Data Connectors & Templates

Stratifyd's data analytics platform allows automotive employees to integrate, analyze, and visualize data in a single platform, empowering their analysts through a holistic view of both structured and unstructured data. 

“We leverage Stratifyd theme detection and no longer need to manually build out taxonomies to listen to our customers. This tremendously reduces our time to gain meaningful insights compare to previous tools.” - Sr. Manager, Business Intelligence at Kimberly-Clark


Intuitive Insights

  • Efficiently merge separate data silos for a singular view.

  • Quickly customize dashboards to display relevant data.

  • Effortlessly filter data to contextualize real time insights.

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Enhanced Decisions

  • Easily analyze customer feedback and monitor transactions to understand customer preferences and trends.

  • Automatically analyze large amounts of information to create a true overall view of company performance.

  •  Immediately gain relevant results that can inform decision making across multiple sectors of business.

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