Stratifyd: Your Insurance Against Sentiment Misunderstandings, Missing Data, and Everything In Between

When millions are counting on you to help them through difficult times, you need a customer analytics solution that can quickly deliver all of their feedback.

Our AI-powered platform is unparalleled when it comes to customer analytics. Here’s what sets us apart:


We have the fastest time to insights platform, delivering insights from customer data in real time. This saves analysts weeks and months of time to focus on mission-critical tasks.


Our platform ingests omni-channel structured and unstructured data, meaning analysts are never limited to only seeing insights from a portion of customer data. Plus, results are shown in various visualizations on one convenient dashboard to make analyzing and reporting quick and easy.


We utilize unsupervised machine learning, natural language understanding, topic modeling, predictive intelligence, and more to deliver the most comprehensive datasets for our clients to analyze.

Insurance is especially tough to gauge customer sentiment because it’s a product that’s only needed in times of trouble, meaning feedback includes both positive and negative words. Our platform’s Natural Language Understanding allows the AI to accurately separate reviews into complaint versus feedback categories in minutes, saving multiple analysts more than 20 weeks of work to focus on mission-critical tasks, like responding to customers before they deflect.

And when selling policies, representatives often spend a lot of time trying to convert callers into customers. We’ve helped companies build AI models to help determine which customers had the highest buying potential, improving sales efficiency by 50%.

Here’s a demo video showcasing how else companies in the insurance industry can benefit from using our platform.

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