John Espey Joins Stratifyd

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John Espey, a 20-year veteran of the enterprise technology industry, has joined Stratifyd in a consultant role.

Espey’s background is extensive and includes starting two companies called Nexgrid and, which specialize in smart grid products and IT consulting, respectively. He remains involved in both – as a strategic advisor at Nexgrid and a shareholder at – but was ready for a new challenge. Espey’s passion lies in big picture ideas and creating new things, so he’s joined Stratifyd to help the company develop new elements and expand within the space.

“I’m really impressed with what’s going on here,” Espey said. “I think a lot of people want to talk about machine-learning and artificial intelligence, but there aren’t a lot of folks that can deliver on it the way Stratifyd is able to. That’s what really attracts me to the company – the combination of the people, the tech, and the ability to deliver.”

Espey was introduced to Stratifyd’s CEO, Derek Wang, through a mutual friend in the tech industry while Wang was getting Stratifyd off the ground. They kept in contact and when Wang heard that Espey was looking for a change of pace, he jumped at the opportunity to bring him on board.

“I’m thrilled to have John join us,” Wang said. “He’s going to be instrumental in helping us broaden business development with his extensive experience creating, growing, and managing large companies. And he’ll help us extend our distribution channel by bringing us strategic partnerships.”