Kimberly-Clark Corporation


To gather insights from unstructured customer data and leverage the findings to improve both CX and
the products themselves.

Partnership with Stratifyd

KCC’s focus was to analyze feedback on its products across all channels in the hopes that the findings would help generate ideas to increase customer satisfaction, as well as attract new patrons.
These efforts help the company identify and address customers’ concerns in order to improve its products. One-quarter of the global population uses KCC’s products daily, so customer experience is one of the company’s highest priorities.

Notable use case(s)

KCC debuted a new product and used Stratifyd to analyze consumer feedback when plans for a large inventory order were in the works.

The product in question was toilet paper without the typical cardboard center. Sales were up, manufacturing costs were down, and all signs pointed to the new product being a slam dunk. However, after diving into customer reviews, KCC found that sales were up because the cost of this product was less than its cardboard-inclusive counterparts and because many coupons had been issued for a further discount. The company discovered that people were confused because it wasn’t clear that they were buying tubeless toilet paper and realized that most hated the new design, vowing never to buy it again.

KCC was able to cancel the inventory order and save significantly, as well as start working on other products that would decrease manufacturing costs while keeping customers happy.


Because of KCC’s partnership with Stratifyd, feedback was gathered from more than 100 channels and time spent on data analysis was decreased by 10X. The company was also able to identify ways to improve products, marketing efforts, and customer satisfaction, leading to an increase in revenue.

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