Data fusion is the process of linking data from disparate sources in order to provide a more complete dataset for analysis. Insights derived from fused data can oftentimes be more meaningful than insights from singular dataset analyses.

Stratifyd integrates data using full outer joins based on a primary key in real-time. Benefits of this method include:

  • Fusion of data for enterprise businesses
  • Preservation of metadata
  • No schemas required
  • Data transformation not required
  • Newer data overrides older data
  • Conflict ignorance

A practical application of data fusion merges review data from multiple sites and surveys together and establishes relationships with corresponding enterprise data. For example, a company like Marriott, Yum Brands, or Anytime Fitness could merge millions of reviews scattered across Yelp, Google, TripAdviser, and ConsumerAffairs and fuse with their own internal survey data for each franchise location in the world. As a result, parent companies can quickly discover where, when, and how to focus their resources to improve their customer retention and satisfaction.

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