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The notifications section of Stratifyd serves as your audit trail. Every action ever performed to any of your dashboards is logged.

Alerts are notifications sent to a list of recipients when an important KPI or metric changes after a dashboard is re-processed. Criteria set by the user(s) must be met in order for an alert to be triggered. An alert can give businesses advance notice of emerging issues and trends in addition to critical movements of important metrics.

Setting Alerts

Alerts are created and modified in the Alert Editor, an editing module accessible for each visualization. Users select which data elements in the schema to set alerts for. Criteria for each alert are set by selecting the type of change required and a threshold value. The following are the available options:

  • Is Less than
  • Greater than
  • Less Than or Equal to
  • Is Equal to
  • Is Equal to
  • Is Not Equal To
  • Is Increased by
  • Is decreased by
  • Increased by %
  • Decreased by %

The syntax of the alert reads as “if, delta, then”. For example, “if average sentiment increases by 1, then send alert”. Multiple alerts can be set within the system for one or more data elements.

Setting Multiple Alerts

Multiple alerts have logical conjunctions between them; they only trigger if all the criteria are met. Development is underway to incorporate logical disjunctions. Combining logical conjunctions and disjunctions will allow alerts to trigger when one or a combination of criteria are met.

The list of recipients for each alert can be set and modified by users with editing rights. For each recipient, the method of delivery can be set to SMS, email, and/or system. A system alert displays as a pop-up with a “Go to Dashboard” button that links to the alert’s respective dashboard. Alerts are logged in the system’s Notifications tab, which will eventually serve as an audit trail.

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