Pre-built Data Connectors

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What is a data connector?

A data connector is an automated information retrieval utility that processes queries. Queries are requests for information from a data source such as a database or a website. Stratifyd has over 80 data connectors categorized as either public, third-party, or enterprise.

Every data connector has custom parameters. Parameters are displayed in the GUI as fields populated by the user. For example, when using the Apple App Store connector, one parameter is the URL to the app you want to analyze.


When you fill out parameters, you are telling the data connector what to query.

How do they work?

The Data Connector Server is separate from the web server and houses our data connectors. Many connectors operate using crawlers, also known as spiders, that scan the data source and supply the server with indexed data matching the query. A lot of data connectors are developed to use third party and public application programming interfaces (APIs), which allow for seamless sharing of data.

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