Missing NPS Data? We’ve Got You Covered.


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We’ve all gotten one of these surveys before, typically accompanied by a box for comments.


These survey responses are known as Net Promoter Scores (NPS), which help enterprises keep tabs on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The Issue With NPS Surveys

Put simply: More people are taking the time to provide scoring information and comments when these surveys land in their inboxes than ever before. However, companies don’t know how to take advantage of the customer feedback and wind up only paying attention to NPS.

You may know that your customers are highly likely or unlikely to recommend you to others but have no idea why. And how can you improve products and services or use the positive experiences in your marketing efforts if you have no context?

That’s where Stratifyd comes in. Our platform knows about your customers’ experiences, even if they don’t respond to your survey.

How Stratifyd Bridges the Gap

Stratifyd’s platform hinges on the ability to analyze vast amounts of unstructured data in minutes. Our company wanted to empower every enterprise employee to be a data scientist and give them the ability to make insight-driven decisions from a comprehensive data set, not just NPS.

And with the release of Stratifyd 4.0, our platform can now analyze entire call and chat transcripts and predict NPS for any customers who don’t participate in surveys. We do this by analyzing interactions with customers who also provided NPS ratings, gathering key words associated with positive or negative sentiments, and using applied AI to compile customer insights.

With Stratifyd, NPS + text output = predictive intelligence. The data our platform generates and uncovers is what will sell your company to new customers and help retain existing ones.

How Stratifyd Can Help Your Business

Stratifyd has the technology to analyze omni-channel data and accurately fill in any gaps left by customers. And our comprehensive data sets can save analysts the weeks or months it would take for them to manually comb through call and chat transcripts to gather information and assign customer sentiment. Stratifyd is the fastest time to insights platform in the customer analytics space, and we visually display data on an easy-to-use dashboard so you can dive into consumer-generated content.

By using our platform, you’ll never be left wondering why a customer left a certain NPS rating.

If we’ve piqued your interest and you’d like to see how Stratifyd can help you make smarter, data-driven decisions, schedule a demo with us.