From BPM to Play Count to Lyrics, Stratifyd Analyzes It All

Our platform is a one-stop shop for omni-channel customer analytics.

Our AI-powered platform is unparalleled when it comes to customer analytics. Here’s what sets us apart:


We have the fastest time to insights platform, delivering insights from customer data in real time. This saves analysts weeks and months of time to focus on mission-critical tasks.


Our platform ingests omni-channel structured and unstructured data, meaning analysts are never limited to only seeing insights from a portion of customer data. Plus, results are shown in various visualizations on one convenient dashboard to make analyzing and reporting quick and easy.


We utilize unsupervised machine learning, natural language understanding, topic modeling, predictive intelligence, and more to deliver the most comprehensive datasets for our clients to analyze.
In this industry, customer satisfaction is everything. It's crucial to stay on top of feedback to ensure customers are having the best possible experiences in order to keep them from deflecting to a competitor.
We’ve helped one of our clients improve CSAT scores to 92% and can help you do the same by telling you if there are app updates users are having trouble navigating; if there are songs, albums, or artists missing from your catalog that customers wish would be added; if there’s a bug in the app preventing them from streaming music altogether; or other issues.

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