Discover the Best Way to Improve the Customer Experience

Stratifyd delivers valuable, unknown insights from omni-channel customer feedback in real time.

How It Works

Customers leave feedback everywhere – from one of the many social media platforms, to the app stores, to surveys. This problem of data siloes can make it difficult to analyze their comments and uncover insights on ways to improve.

Stratifyd’s AI technology simultaneously ingests structured and unstructured data from unlimited data sources and visualizes it on one dashboard in minutes. The visualizations display customer sentiment, common words and phrases, timelines, and more to arm you with the information you need to make smart, insight-driven decisions about your company and services.

The Proof

Our Fortune 1500 clients have seen the following ROI from our platform:
  • 50x faster time-to-insights
  • Increased CSAT scores to 92%
  • 50% improvement in sales efficiency
  • Improved star ratings from 4.3 to 4.7/5
  • 20% decrease in handle time of contact center calls
  • Decreased response time to within 30 minutes of social media mentions

In this industry, customer feedback is critical as it helps uncover issues you may not be aware of.

Watch this demo video to see how Stratifyd can benefit your company.

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