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Stratifyd Builds Momentum by Strengthening Leadership Team with Two New Hires

Forrester Analyst Kjell Carlsson, PhD joins the company and Stratifyd taps Seth Tyree to spearhead the platform’s Pharma Insights unit

CHARLOTTE, NC – October 28, 2021 – Stratifyd, the leading provider of experience analytics solutions powered by Smart AI™, is proud to announce two new additions to Stratifyd’s leadership team. Kjell Carlsson, PhD, former Forrester Principal Analyst, will join as Executive Vice President of Product Strategy, while Seth Tyree joins as Stratifyd’s Senior Vice President of Strategy, Pharma Insights. 

"We are excited to share our growth as a company with the new hire of Kjell Carlsson, who represents a broad market view on how Stratifyd can be impactful to its users," said Derek Wang, CEO and co-founder of Stratifyd. “Joining forces with a veteran to the industry like Kjell will bring swift change to how people view AI-powered analytics. I’m looking forward to watching him lead and extend the Stratifyd vision to help bring our experience analytics solution to all.”

“Every company is sitting on an untapped goldmine of unstructured customer data and Stratifyd has a better approach to helping enterprises capitalize on it than any other company I’ve come across as an industry analyst covering AI,” said Carlsson, the new EVP of Product Strategy. “The platform simplifies the end-to-end process of acquiring omnichannel customer data, analyzing it, and bridging the insights-to-action gap. Where Stratifyd really excels is in its Natural Language Understanding (NLU) capabilities. Text and speech are the most valuable sources of data, but the hardest to analyze. Stratifyd is the only company I’ve seen that democratizes and operationalizes the full suite of NLU methods - all of which are necessary for driving comprehensive digital transformation with AI.”

Kjell Carlsson, PhD has extensive knowledge of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and data science, formerly serving as a Principal Analyst at Forrester Research. He has written dozens of reports on topics ranging from conversation intelligence, ML operations, computer vision and auto ML to augmented intelligence, next-generation AI technologies, and data science best practices. He has experience in advising, consulting and training enterprises on their analytics strategies. Carlsson holds a Ph.D. in business economics from the Harvard Business School, where he specialized in strategy, organizational economics, and international business. His research is published in Advances in Strategic Management and Advances in International Management. Prior to his doctoral work, Kjell conducted research on strategy, national competitiveness, and healthcare for Michael Porter at the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness. He also holds a Master’s degree in economics from Harvard University and a Bachelor’s in economics and computer science from Columbia University.

Seth Tyree has 16 years of experience in Data and Analytics in the pharma and health spaces. Before joining Stratifyd, Tyree served as a Senior Consultant at IBM Watson Health, where he helped senior executives at various healthcare facilities apply AI to optimize their workflow. Most recently, Seth built a Center of Excellence for Data Science at GSK to support insights generation across pillars and LOCs, with a focus on unstructured data sources.

 “I joined Stratifyd to be part of a game changer,” said Tyree, the new SVP of Strategy, Pharma Insights, “Many companies are using structured data to great effect, but structured data represents only 20% of available information. Unstructured data analysis is a watershed moment. Currently, companies are taking weeks to manually aggregate, mine, analyze and summarize unstructured data. That’s just not sustainable or scalable given the growing volume and variety of data. My mission with Stratifyd is to help our customers see that there’s a better way. With machine learning and natural language processing accessible in an easy-to-use platform, companies can dramatically reduce time to insights and become more customer-centric and data driven.” 

Stratifyd continues to experience market growth and expand as a company while adding top talent along the way. In April, Stratifyd appointed seasoned entrepreneur Lu Zhang to its Board of Directors and customer experience leader Mark Treschl to its Advisory Board. 

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