Stratifyd Delivers Sweeter Insights From Soft Drink Consumers

Get actionable insights from omni-channel feedback in real time to help increase customer satisfaction and revenue.

How It Works

Our solution is unparalleled in the customer analytics space. It ingests, analyzes, and visualizes data from unlimited sources; automates workflows; and democratizes both data and AI so everyone can make sense of the data and contribute to creative decision-making.

We’ve helped Fortune 1500 companies:
  • Gain 100% visibility into structured and unstructured customer feedback
  • Save millions of dollars on product recalls or missteps
  • Improve sales efficiency by 50%
  • Increase speed-to-insights by 50x
  • Improve average CSAT scores to 92%

To see how our solution could help your company improve, watch this demo video.

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