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Partnership with Stratifyd allows your organization to expand offerings to meet the complex needs of your customers and drive top-line revenue growth.

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Microsoft’s global partner strategy allows their partners to scale in order to help clients...

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LivePerson has changed the way people communicate with brands and laid the foundation for...

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EY provides insights and quality services to help build trust and...

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Edge by Ascential is a company that delivers sales-driving data, insights, and...

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As a leading consultancy and reseller, Anexinet's strategies, services and...

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BCX is one of Africa’s premier end-to-end digital solutions partners, providing...

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OEM and MSP companies partner with Stratifyd to strengthen and automate customer analytics offerings for a holistic view of what customers and employees want and need.


Companies in the GSI space implement Stratifyd into joint solutions to measure the effectiveness of interactions with customers and gauge sentiment throughout the entirety of the customer journey.


Strategic partnerships help bring new clients and a host of other benefits to both parties. These partnerships have helped scale and grow Stratifyd, while delivering unparalleled customer analytics in exchange.


Tech companies partner with Stratifyd to seamlessly compile omni-channel data and deploy speech analytics and predictive intelligence to identify trends and increase customer retention.

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