Why We Partnered

Microsoft’s global partner strategy allows their partners to scale in order to help clients achieve more through technology. The Microsoft experts are always there to support, easy to work with and take a unique approach by combining innovative tools, result-oriented methods and years of experience with Stratifyd’s Customer Analytics Platform.

Microsoft Azure is the most trusted cloud computing platform for deploying Stratifyd. This versatile, global cloud infrastructure enables us to simplify and automate our deployment process.

Our partnership with Microsoft started in the beginning of 2018 when Microsoft for Startups sought Stratifyd's unique ability to enable business executives to leverage the power of AI in an easy to use, point and click format that requires zero knowledge of any coding skills. Collaborating with Microsoft has enabled Stratifyd to scale quickly through Co-Selling, Internal Seller Webinars, Co-Marketing Opportunities, Virtual Co-Sell Days and Partner Awareness Calls.

The Value You Get

Stratifyd on Microsoft Azure unifies unstructured data from disparate sources, including voice, driving faster time to insight, thus allowing the user to make the necessary changes within their organization to meet the needs of their customers. Our Augmented Intelligence & Machine Learning platform deployed on Microsoft Azure allows us to scale our infrastructure to easily handle data ingestion, analysis, and visualization of Big Data in a fraction of the time, allowing for seamless sharing of information between decision makers and stakeholders.

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