The Well-Being of Customers Is
Our Top Priority, Too.

Stratifyd firmly believes that the true measure of success is a happy and healthy customer.

Stratifyd is powered by AI and specializes in analyzing both structured and unstructured feedback.

Our platform ingests omni-channel data and uses machine learning to assign sentiment and categorize the findings.

Our platform has a number of other valuable features, too.

  • We’re the fastest time to insights platform.
  • Our platform has alerting and case management functionality, giving you the opportunity to become more proactive.
  • It can accurately predict CSAT ratings and reasoning when customers fail to, or don’t fully provide feedback.

Stratifyd has helped a Big Pharma company improve its customers’ quality of life.

The company identified an issue in which patients weren’t given clear instructions on how to administer a drug by analyzing feedback on our dashboard.

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