Philip Morris International Success Story


To analyze omni-channel data to learn about market trends and the overall customer experience. The company uses this information to enhance marketing messaging, improve incident management, and innovate in terms of product development.

Partnership With Stratifyd

The company is international, and therefore appreciated Stratifyd’s ability to support more than 25 languages. Seeing how the company’s products were perceived all around the world was imperative in order to help dictate inventory decisions.

The company appreciates the ease of use of Stratifyd’s platform and the ability to drill down into common customer complaints to find information that will help improve products.

Notable Use Case(s)

The company uses Stratifyd’s platform to track customer satisfaction on a wide range of products. One smokeless product was created to closely mimic traditional cigarettes and was thought to perform well with individuals who were trying to quit smoking. But when analyzing customer feedback, the company found that users were unhappy because they preferred the dessert flavors as opposed to the flavor of traditional tobacco.

As a result, the company researches trends on not just popular tobacco and e-cigarette flavors, but across the spectrum of the entire food and beverage industry to create new flavors and stay ahead of the competition.


The company has been able to see how their products are performing based on customer feedback from every channel, including social media and wholesale websites, like Amazon. Doing so allows the company to improve customer experience and increase Net Promoter Scores.

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