Experience Analytics Platform powered by Smart AI™

Automate the Discovery of Hidden Insights Across the Customer Experience

Get to Insights Faster with Purpose-Built Stratifyd Solutions

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Insights To Take Action On

Stratifyd’s Experience Analytics Platform makes sense of your data from all signals to uncover insights that drive action and enables teams to make changes that are valuable to their business in the moment.  

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Make smarter decisions, faster

Stratifyd's Experience Analytics Platform integrates into your workflow to deliver real-time insights to the people who need them – whether that's product development, manufacturing, customer service, or the CEO.

Improve efficiency. Get closer to the customer. Everyone wins.

Point and click data connectors

Stratifyd has over 100 data connectors, ranging from public data sources, to third party tools, to custom enterprise connectors. Just point, click, deploy.

Structured and unstructured data gives you the whole story

Stratifyd is data agnostic which means our platform empowers users to combine structured metadata with any unstructured textual data. Dynamically drill down into any KPI, such as an NPS score, to understand the context.

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Discover important topics, trends and customer sentiment with unsupervised NLU modeling

Stratifyd’s Natural Language Understanding (NLU) model automatically surfaces key topics, buzzwords, sentiment and temporal trends; eliminating human bias and saving thousands of man hours spent reading and interpreting feedback.

Translate Your Insights from Over 100 Languages

Whether you speak English, Mandarin, Swahili, or any other language, our Smart AI™ enables global teams to communicate effortlessly in their native language.

Featuring built-in support for over 27 languages and the ability to easily run NLU text analytics and sentiment analysis using third party translation tools to translate from over 100 languages.

Turn your data into predictive models with AI auto learning

In addition to unsupervised machine learning and taxonomies, Stratifyd empowers users to easily train a supervised ML model for predictive modeling. Even with partial data, you can use predictive models to automatically classify text for everything from NPS scores, to complaints versus feedback, to churn risks.

Unlock insights from any audio

Our transcription capabilities track speech metrics such as call length, talk rate, overtalk, silence, energy level and the inclusion of negative and positive words.

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How it Works

Our Smart AI takes the burden of manual analytics off your team, proactively surfacing hidden experience signals and themes 24/7 to ensure you never miss another insight.

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Connect & Unify

Capture and connect voice of the customer data from any source— first- and third-party data, social, chat, speech, reviews, and more—into a single secured and trusted Experience Analytics Platform with our expansive library of experience, operational, behavioral, public data, and open API sources. 

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Analyze & Predict

Quickly drill down to the moments that matter by harnessing the power of Smart AI. Take charge of a 24/7 stream of customer experience, behavioral, and operational data to reveal and predict key topics, anomalies, sentiment, and trends, no data science or coding required.

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Listen & Uncover

Help your team make smarter decisions faster by surfacing and sharing customer insights across the organization. Drill into the data that matters to you with easy-to-understand dashboards.

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Automate & Drive Change

Show customers you’re truly listening to their experience. Reduce churn, drive loyalty, and improve efficiency by automatically acting on the insights that matter. 

We keep your data safe and your team productive

Enterprise Level Security

We are a security-first company committed to people. Which means protecting your data is vitally important to us.

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GDPR Certified
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SOC2 Type 2
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CCPA Compliant

Dedicated Success Team

Our success team members  believe access, transparency, and creativity empowers everyone.

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Passionate customer success managers
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Experienced solution engineers and architects
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Data analytics experts
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Robust knowledge of the customer and Stratifyd platform
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Dedicated advocates for the customer

Stratifyd Use Cases

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