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Stratifyd delivers the most comprehensive, unbiased insights from structured and unstructured data in real time.

AI Workflow

Stratifyd's AI Workflow provides end-to-end automation for business owners by externalizing repeated practices and simplifies complex data for real-time decision making.


Ingest data from unlimited sources.


Cutting-edge technology to automate data analysis.


See omni-channel insights in minutes.


Improve CX, products, and services, and increase revenue.

Why we're different

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Point & Click Execution

No coding or complicated data transformations are needed. Our simple ingestion framework empowers every employee to act as a data scientist.

Pluggable Redaction Engine

Pluggable redaction engine enables customers to provide their own redaction scripts to remove sensitive information from data sources.

Voice-to-Text Functionality

We transcribe and analyze contact center calls based on various metrics, including call length, talk rate, streaks, overtalk, silence, energy level, and the inclusion of negative and positive words


Our platform supports more than 25 languages and deploys natural language understanding to ensure the integrity of the data is never compromised.

Data Fusion and Normalization

Data is ingested from omni-channel sources and cleaned to speed up processing. From there, we break down words to their roots and remove repetitive words (like, "I", "a", and "the").

NLU-led Analytics

Our platform leads with Natural Language Understanding to remove human bias, generate unique topic clusters, and score words based on sentiment

Predictive Intelligence

This technology can be applied to accurately predict outcomes and missing CSAT scores along with the reasoning behind them.

Voice of the Consumer & Voice of the Team Insight

Pairing VOC and VOT data to give you a look into the full spectrum of structured and unstructured feedback.


Stratifyd uses faceted heirarchical taxonomies. Data is funneled into labels based on whether it did or didn't match terms in the label's controlled vocabulary for a more pointed look at customer feedback.


Our platform shows key topics and themes from data in a range of different charts, graphs, meters, and other visualizations on one easy to use dashboard. These visualizations can be easily exported to make reporting findings easier.


Stratifyd is the fastest time-to-insights platform in existence, delivering comprehensive results in real time.

Alerting & Case Management

For any data set, you can set alerts to monitor when sentiment exceeds, or dips below, certain amounts. You can also keep an eye on cases and note when customers contacted you with specific questions.


Stratifyd simplifies workflows and functions as infrastructure, allowing users to transition away from mundane tasks and focus on creative, mission-critical work.

Unlimited Data Connectors

Stratifyd has many prebuilt data connectors and is limitless in creating new ones. Your data can be imported from any source you use.


Stratifyd is a security-first organization that takes every precaution to ensure data is protected from ingestion to visualization.

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