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Close the Customer Feedback Loop

Stratifyd is an end-to-end customer engagement solution powered by AI. Our solution provides an AI workforce that continuously learns from every customer interaction and all business information added. This AI workforce is made more intelligent by knowledge gained through industry-wide learning experience and the analysis of external data. Your team will have AI assistants to help improve performance from the contact center to the boardroom so you can increase customer acquisition and retention.

Powerful Visualizations

Ingest - Analyze - Visualize

Stratifyd provides an interactive dashboard of all customer interactions - phone calls, emails, chats, surveys, online reviews, social media - everything. Our solution analyzes unstructured data from any source and combines it with structured data in a single view to help you make data-driven decisions for your product, service, or brand.

Industry, Market Intelligence and Public Data

News Reports Articles Websites Blogs

Cloud Data

Reports Feedback Customer Loyalty Coaching Agent Scoring
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Customer Interactions

Phone Calls Emails Chats Online Review Surveys

CRM Data

Salesforce Microsoft Dynamics ServiceNow

Our Assistants:

Agent Scoring AI Assistant

Monitors customer interactions to provide real-time performance evaluations and coaching.

Customer Loyalty AI Assistant

Monitors customer interactions to provide insight into customer intent.

Precision Marketing AI Assistant

Analyzes customer interactions to help target ideal customers with the right messaging.

Customer Interactions

Stratifyd continuously learns from every customer interaction. Every phone call. Every email and chat. Every review and survey. Every social media post. EVERYTHING.


CRM Data

Stratifyd analyzes customer data on account, contact, and case/incident records to provide actionable insights.


Industry Data + Market Intelligence + Public Data

Stratifyd is made more intelligent by knowledge gained through industry-wide learning experience and the analysis of external data.


Stratifyd AI Platform

Stratifyd combines and analyzes all of this data in real time. This data can be viewed in a powerful, easy-to-use dashboard across all business units.

Sales & Service

Get an interactive sales performance dashboard of call scoring, discussion topics & keywords, and account and contact data so you can:

  • Understand performance,
  • Improve training & coaching,
  • Replicate successful customer interactions, and
  • Drive revenue

CX & Product

Get an interactive customer experience dashboard of sentiment, discussion topics & keywords, and product feedback so you can:

  • Improve products & services,
  • Increase customer acquisition & retention, and
  • Drive revenue


Get an executive-level competitive & market intelligence dashboard so that you can:

  • Automate data collection & streamline analysis,
  • Boost analyst productivity & enhance reporting, and
  • Maintain and grow market share

Stratifyd can turn any business analyst into a data scientist to quickly deliver actionable business intelligence.

One Stratifyd User

A Stratifyd user was charged with analyzing the same 38,000 cases and was able to identify four major drivers, as well as strong sentiment themes, and other associated data in a little more than a half hour.

Total Time:

0 min


Team of Data Scientists

A team of data scientists was asked to analyze 38,000 VOC reviews and identify critical themes within the data. It took them three days to analyze 3,800 (a subset) reviews and generate a list of the two major drivers.

Total Time:

0 min