6 Ways Experience Analytics Can Help Your Business Now

Experience Analytics plays a key role for most businesses that are trying to juggle the increasing number of channels and data points that correlate to the customer experience. Experience Analytics can not only tell companies what is happening, but reveal unknown trends for why things are happening, or predict what is likely to happen down the road. 2020 threw the need for these insights into sharp relief as rapid changes in consumer behaviors, work-from-home arrangements, and new safety protocols upended even the most commonplace customer interactions.

That's why we're excited to announce our latest eBook, 6 Powerful Ways Experience Analytics Can Help Your Business Now! In this eBook, we've broken down the ways companies are using Experience Analytics to take myriad points of unstructured and structured data and uncover the insights hidden inside them.

Whether you're in CX, in the Contact Center, on the Product team, or working to improve the employee experience, this ebook will show you ways that smart, AI-driven Experience Analytics can reverse the trend of too much data with too few insights. It also dives into the direct ways that these insights helped key metrics around growth, loyalty, and retention.

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Data Rich, Insight Poor No More

No one has the time to sort through all of the data available to them; with speed critical to success, our eBook focuses on ways companies can uncover better, more meaningful insights from the data they already have.

Let's briefly jump into one example from the eBook to show you what we're talking about.

The complexity of managing today's customer experience today requires companies to focus on understanding how the touch points they offer to customers are performing. One customer touch point with lots of data but not as many insights is the Contact Center. This is largely because much of the valuable insight into the customer experience is trapped in unstructured data like speech or text, and it can be hard to mine that data without the proper tools.

As many of us discovered, Contact Centers represented one of the critical points of continuity for businesses throughout the year (customers are used to calling and it remained a safe interaction) but it also became a source of operational uncertainty. As companies transitioned to work-from-home arrangements, one of the biggest unknowns was how the Contact Center agents would fare in this environment. While J.D. Power found that customer satisfaction largely stayed the same (92%), deeper dives into Experience Analytics revealed how the changes affected both the employee and customer experience. For example, Average Handle Times took longer, but that was in part because customers connecting and taking the time to ask about the wellbeing of the employee.

The transition to work from home in response to Covid was faster than anyone could have thought possible, and with that change there were inevitably issues. But with so many new variables in part, companies relied on analytics to gain a holistic view of what was happening across the Contact Center experience. One company found that certain agents often received complaints about being difficult to hear. With this information in hand, the company was able to determine that these agents lacked the necessary broadband speeds at home to accommodate working from home, and worked to remedy the situation quickly.

Rapid insights into the Contact Center experience allowed that company to smooth out the bumps caused by working-from-home with much more accuracy (and much more quickly) than otherwise might have happened. That was just one small trend in one business unit, but for the employees and the customers interacting with them, it had a huge impact.

With 55% of the data most companies collect being "dark data" (data that they don't know about or have insights into), there's no shortage of insights left to uncover. Finding all of these impactful trends and patterns is a tall task without the right strategies and tools in place.

In our eBook, we cover more ways beyond the Contact Center that companies can leverage Experience Analytics to better manage the customer experience.

So download 6 Powerful Ways Experience Analytics Can Help Your Business Now to see how companies are using Experience Analytics to reveal the trends and patterns in the customer experience they need to know to improve loyalty, retention and other critical business metrics.

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