6 Ways Stratifyd Unites Teams in Business

The uniqueness of every employee is often what sparks innovation across teams in the workplace and companies at large, but it can also be a point of contention at times.

Our platform is a solution to workflow roadblocks and better facilitates a cohesive working environment, allows for deeper comprehension of data, and leads to more innovation among teams.

Here are six ways Stratifyd unites coworkers:

1. Data Democratization

Stratifyd’s driving force has remained the same since our start in 2015: To democratize data so every employee can make sense of it and contribute data-driven decisions. Our platform harnesses the power of AI and bridges the gap between data and self-service analytics.

Until recently, data-driven insights have been the purview of data scientists or anyone with a sophisticated background in data analytics or computer science. Data democratization takes the keys away from gatekeepers and gives them to others, no matter their background or area of expertise.

Stratifyd removes the stress on your in-house data team, while enabling them to become more sophisticated with their research.

With Stratifyd, everyone wins.

2. Preferred Data Visualization

It’s a common belief that people’s personalities and actions are governed by one side of the brain over the other. Those who are more creative tend to identify as right-brained while their analytical counterparts identify as left-brained.

Companies, and teams, are typically divided evenly among the two camps. This personality blend can work well, but it can also be frustrating for people who think and operate so differently to work together.

The same can be said when there is an equal mix of introverts and extroverts. Simple tasks such as team brainstorming sessions and meetings can be exhausting for some and exhilarating for others.

Stratifyd presents data in a range of different visualizations so individuals can choose which are preferable for them. Analytically inclined individuals may like to see the information laid out in an excel format, while creatives may choose the word cloud visualization. No matter the preference, everyone on the team can analyze the insights in ways which complement their personalities for better comprehension, potentially leading to innovative ideas and solutions.

“Stratifyd’s platform makes the transition process easy,” Director of North American Sales, Jeremy Spring said. “Especially if you think about our customers and prospects. You may have an analyst and a marketing manager working together on a project. Our platform makes it easy to flip between different data visualizations, allowing both individuals to analyze the insights make a data-driven decision together.”

3. Faster Time to Insights

The speed in which the Stratifyd platform delivers insights means your team can quickly identify the root of a problem and identify a solution in real time.

One of our clients is a Fortune 500 auto manufacturer. They sought our help to analyze data in order to identify defects, design issues, and the reasoning for its steady decline in the J.D. Power Initial Quality Study. Using our platform, analysts were able to pinpoint the exact location where a manufacturing error occurred – missing resonator caps which prompted customers to complain of a burning smell. We were also able to isolate the model and class affected and the time when the issue occurred, allowing the company to recall only those specific vehicles rather than issuing a mass recall, saving millions of dollars.

Our technology grants the ability to compile omni-channel customer data from unlimited connectors. Within minutes, our platform provides visualizations of actionable insights, including customer sentiment, common words and phrases from reviews, taxonomies, case management, alerts, and predictive analytics. Stratifyd produces the most comprehensive analytics and does so faster than any other platform or service in existence, a major benefit to teams and companies alike.

4. Predictive Intelligence

When it comes to customer analytics, there’s no room for gaps.

Stratifyd deploys predictive intelligence through machine learning to analyze sections of data and accurately predict things like missing CSAT scores or whether a review falls under the category of complaint or feedback. This gives clients significantly more data to analyze to improve business, products and services, and the overall customer experience.

One of our clients is a Fortune 500 Financial Services company. Since they’ve been using our platform to analyze omni-channel data, we’ve been able to help fill in gaps by predicting customer satisfaction scores and explanations for the 95% of its customer base who don't participate in surveys. These efforts have led to an increase in CSAT scores from the mid-80s to 92%, better trained agents who have effectively cut handle time of contact center calls by 20%, improved products and services (i.e. simplifying the credit card payment process), decreased calls and chats by building out a more robust FAQ section, and improved CX by making the website easier to navigate.

Another client of ours is a Fortune 50 Financial Services company. This company’s efforts revolved around needing to create a holistic view of its clients’ experiences with various products by looking at omni-channel data. In order to uncover actionable insights, the company had to categorize customer data by complaint versus feedback to send to those respective teams. Within financial institutions, there are regulations about responding to complaints, so there’s a demand to detect complaints and respond as quickly as possible. Our analysts met with the company’s complaint management team and worked together to train the models to detect and categorize complaint versus feedback with existing data sets and deployed the machine learning models on new data sets. Our platform separated into the two categories in minutes, saving analysts weeks and months of time to manually do the same task.

Stratifyd not only provides insight into the unknown, it can also help predict the unknown; giving teams robust data sets to analyze.

5. UML and NLU

Unsupervised Machine Learning (UML) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) remove human bias from data that can arise from different personality types, and accurately assign and categorize sentiment scores. Our platform is unique in its ability to return unbiased information that will illuminate the most pressing pain points of the customer experience.

UML is an algorithm that assimilates more and more information over time, focusing on the quantity, quality, and variety of the data. UML allows companies to uncover new topics that you wouldn’t normally be able to find on your own.

“There are competitors in the space who claim to use UML and NLP,” Stratifyd Business Analyst Sarah Musick said. “But the distinction lies in the extent to which our machine learning is able to uncover sentiment without a manually created dictionary. Alternative methods are extremely labor-intensive, but machine learning propels our speed to insights.”

NLU is a big buzzword in the tech industry. NLU is the ability to process language and extract terms from data that have an emotional component. Stratifyd’s NLU model is trained in a sophisticated way, allowing it to understand subtle differences in expression when analyzing sentiment.

“It’s really important for an NLU model to understand nuance in terms of customer analytics,” Musick said. “A customer may rate a product five stars just because they are going through the motions and clicking buttons. But when they get to the descriptions, they use neutral or mildly negative language in association with the product. Stratifyd’s NLU model will pull out that negative sentiment, even when there’s a higher-than-expected rating.”

Our platform is unique in its ability to ingest “thumps-up and thumbs-down" data as well as the more nuanced discussion that lies beneath the surface.

“This coupled with UML is really powerful,” Musick said. “Stratifyd discovers unknown topics and the legitimate feelings customers experience. These insights can help a company make decisions that could save them millions.”

6. Data-Driven Details

Stratifyd eases the working relationship between big picture people and those less likely to take risks. Every pitch for products, services, and marketing can come from data-driven details.

With Stratifyd, there’s significantly less friction among teams. Our platform gives these unlike-minded individuals the opportunity to work more collaboratively and cohesively, making well-informed decisions in a matter of minutes.

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