Apple vs. Android: The Battle for Brand Loyalty

I’ve had the same iPhone 6 since 2015. It’s been through countless drops, two broken screen protectors, and a battery change.

I’ve known for a while that it’s time for a new phone, but I've been trying to hold out for as long as possible, mainly because I don’t want to spend $800 on the iPhone XR. I recently learned that Google released a new phone that’s only $400. While it’s extremely tempting, I'm an Apple loyalist. So, am I going to end up spending the money on a new iPhone? Probably. But, if a product genuinely works better and has more advanced features, why wouldn’t a consumer choose that one when it’s time to renew a contract?

Most customers choose their team and stick with it. To prove my point, between January 2016 and December 2017, Android customer retention was between 89% and 91%, compared to Apple, which was between 85% and 88%.

I also wondered where allegiances lied in the Stratifyd office. To find out, I took to Slack. I created a poll in our general channel asking what kind of phone everyone had: Apple, Android, or Google. I checked in on the poll a few days later, and I was surprised that Apple dominated in our tech-obsessed office.

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