Forrester Names Stratifyd Among Top Enterprise Business Intelligence

Last month, Forrester released a report detailing the top business intelligence (BI) platform providers, which featured Stratifyd.

“It’s an honor to be included with larger companies like Microsoft and Tableau,” Stratifyd CEO Derek Wang said. “Stratifyd, at its core, will always help businesses analyze and visualize endless amounts of structured and unstructured data, but we’re much more than just a BI solution.”

BI providers specialize in data analysis and turning that data into actionable insights for businesses to leverage and effect outcomes. Stratifyd’s AI-powered solution is pivoting to function as infrastructure, automating and defining workflows.

Our AI will streamline mundane tasks and create a space where more creative and decision-driven jobs are available, helping employees feel more fulfilled and valued in their day-to-day work. It will also be beneficial for businesses by providing access to more data than is currently found in customer feedback channels.

We’re thrilled to be acknowledged for our accomplishments thus far, and we’re even more excited about the future.

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