How Stratifyd Is Continuing to Adapt to a Remote-Work World

     By Heather Gonzalez, People Operations Manager

In response to the pandemic, Stratifyd—like many companies—switched to a remote work-only company. In that time we’ve all learned to deal with the highs and lows of working in the place you also call home. Because as cute as it is to see kids running through the background of a Zoom call, the reality is that for many people working where you live has made achieving a work-life balance difficult.  

We’re lucky to be in an industry that supports working remotely when so many didn’t have that option. Even still, surveys (and our own lived experiences) show that the time in quarantine had a profound impact on employees. People are concerned about their stress levels, and when healthcare company Aetna International asked how the working from home in the pandemic is affecting employees globally, “74% of all workers – including 88% of those ages 18-24 – say poor mental health has impacted their productivity.”

At Stratifyd, we’re constantly working to improve our employees lives and offer the best working environment possible, especially at a time when people are working remotely. That is why we’re implementing half-day Fridays once a month. Our hope is that employees can spend more time with their friends and family by getting into the weekend a little earlier.  

Even with paid time off, it can be hard to take the time for yourself when there’s no separation between work and home. Our responsibility as a company is to make sure our employees are recharging and taking advantage of their time off, so we’re hoping that these half-days will get employees into that habit and back out into the world as things continue to re-open.  

May is Mental Health Awareness Month here in the United States. If you, like many people during these times, are struggling with your mental health, learn more about the resources available to you through the National Alliance on Mental Health and the Center for Disease Control. You’re not alone, and there are many local services that provide affordable options for care.


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