Raj Thiagarajan Joins Stratifyd as an Advisor

Raj Thiagarajan, also known as “The Startup Guy,” has come aboard at Stratifyd in an advisory role.

Thiagarajan’s primary role as Global Director at Microsoft for Startups is helping to grow companies that are just starting out and initiate new programs at enterprise organizations. He has more than 20 years of industry experience and sees how much more efficient our daily lives could be with the integration of AI, so he’s chosen a role which helps drive our digital future.

He believes customer analytics is a growth area and that the world needs a great data and AI solutions to the problems companies and individuals face in this space. So, coming from a global startup and product development background, he relished the opportunity to bring his wisdom and expertise to Stratifyd during its growth phase.

“I believe in people and I like strong teams,” Thiagarajan said. “Derek [Wang] is a very smart and ambitious CEO, full of energy, and has surrounded himself with great people. I’m around startups all the time, so when I see a good team, I appreciate it.”

The relationship with Stratifyd is beneficial to him, too, as he says he hopes to learn as much as he advises.

Stratifyd CEO Derek Wang couldn’t be happier to have Thiagarajan join the board.

“I can’t wait to work with Raj,” Wang said. “He has a tremendous amount of knowledge pertaining to startups specifically and will help steer Stratifyd in the right direction.”

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