Stratifyd CEO Wins Finsiders CLT Award for Best Innovation

The 3rd Annual Finsiders CLT Awards ceremony was held on Tuesday, Jan. 29, to honor individuals or companies with a Charlotte presence for achievements in FinTech. Stratifyd CEO Derek Wang won the award for Best Innovation.

The Best Innovation award recognizes the person who has launched an innovative product or service, no matter if it’s a national launch or a pilot. Both Wang and CTO Kevin O'Dell were nominated in this category.

“I’m very honored to receive this award,” Wang said. “It’s exciting for Stratifyd to be recognized as the most innovative service because we work so hard and this reinforces that we’re putting our best foot forward. And the increased visibility this will provide will help us attract more talented employees and more clients along the way.”

Finsiders is a group of financial services professionals who want to promote and grow the local FinTech community. The goal of this organization is to bring people together to discuss the intersection of banking, design, and technology in creative spaces.

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