Stratifyd Included in Forrester’s Voice-of-the-Customer Vendor Report

After a roller coaster year for customer experiences, it’s more important than ever to be close to the customers. Industry leaders are using insights from Voice-of-the-Customer programs to do just that.

We’re excited to be included in Forrester’s “Now Tech: Voice-Of-The-Customer (VoC) Vendors, Q1 2021” report as a Midsize Vendor. For VoC teams, they name our technology as a “unified analytics tool,” a technology that helps “firms enable a single view by unifying multiple data sources and analyzing the data—both structured and unstructured. CX pros use these tools to bring together multiple data sources which often include other CFM [Customer Feedback Management] and VoC specialists that are being used within their enterprise.”

The report is written by Faith Adams with Harley Manning, Ben Salamin, Shayna Neuburg and provides an overview of 39 VoC vendors, broken into three key functionality segments, including CFM, VoC specialists, and unified analytics tools.  

As the report notes about the explosion of—often overlapping—technologies in the space, “It is increasingly difficult for CX pros to decipher which vendors do what due to players from multiple categories converging on this space. Common organizational challenges — like multiple disparate VoC technologies serving specific channels or lines of business — make selecting a VoC vendor an even more difficult task.”  

VoC technologies are critical to help companies manage and analyze customer feedback that help gauge CX success and places for improvement. While the fundamental mission of the VoC program hasn’t changed much over the years, the technologies behind them have evolved leaps and bounds to unlock new possibilities beyond just surveys.

With huge advances in Artificial Intelligence bringing better text analytics, sentiment analytics, and the ability to handle lots of unstructured omnichannel data, VoC tools like Stratifyd are helping these teams do more with fewer resources and in less time than ever before.  

We’re excited about the future of our partnership with Voice-of-the-Customer teams; we recently launched Stratifyd Solutions, including Stratifyd for CX and VoC .  

Stratifyd for Customer Experience and VoC was built by CX professionals, for CX professionals. It helps you take the guesswork and manual labor out of your customer experience analytics and turn insights into action across the entire customer journey.  

For VoC teams, the Solution not only helps you get more out of your survey responses more quickly with our no-code, Smart AI™-powered text analytics, it opens up a whole new world of customer feedback. Designed with business users in mind, not data scientists, VoC teams can take control of their customer feedback analytics and bring in more data sources than ever before. From social media and call transcripts to chat logs and website behavior, it’s all at your fingertips and waiting for you to uncover emerging trends or predict critical metrics like NPS (Net Promoter Score).  

See how Stratifyd can help you listen with more empathy to your customers and help you improve your key CX metrics like reducing churn and increasing lifetime spend. Request a demo today and start your Smart AI journey.

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