Stratifyd Named “Best Retail Experience Insight Solution” at Retail Digital Transformation Summit

At the 7th annual Retail Digital Transformation Summit host by World Retail Elite (WRE), over 400 senior executives in the retail and consumer goods industry met to discuss how digital transformation is ushering in a new era for the industry.

Among a field of over 100, Stratifyd was named the “Best Retail Experience Insight Solution” for our powerful customer experience analysis capability and outstanding industry performance. Stratifyd was commended for its ability to help retail customers like Arvato China, Ogilvy China, Kimberly-Clark and more unify their data and insights, find new trends in the market, and promote cross-departmental collaboration for global brands.

Stratifyd was represented by Guannan Zhou (pictured below), Senior Solutions Director, who received the award at the event.

Guannan Zhou accepts Stratifyd's award for "Best Retail Experience Insight Solution" at the 7th annual Retail Digital Transformation Summit

Stratifyd Helps Retailers Stay Resilient  

The retail and consumer goods industry have undergone massive changes in the last decade as they streamline digital transformation efforts. The move to an omnichannel customer experience that brings together brick-and-mortar with e-commerce retail has paid dividends. But the transformation brought about by Covid-19 has shown how critical it is for retailers to have an omnichannel Experience Analytics strategy providing insights to match the omnichannel customer experience.

Retailers need insights into their products, retail operations, contact center experience, social media presence, digital experience and more. Historically, insights from these areas remained siloed away from each other. What Covid-19 showed everyone was that, not only do you need to be able to unify your insights to understand the customer journey, but you need a flexible, Smart AI™-powered analytics platform to uncover the trends and anomalies in the data so you can take action quickly.

Retailers were forced to close or curtail certain customer experiences (like in-store shopping) while adding new ones (curbside pickup)and relied heavily on contactless interactions like the contact center and chatbots. The upheaval meant that historical data and common trending topics were no longer relevant.

Our Experience Analytics Platform is powered by Smart AI™ and is designed to help automate the discover of hidden insights across the customer experience. We’ve purpose-built solutions that work together to tell the story of your customers’ experiences that you’re missing out on today. Our solutions include Customer Experience and Voice of Customer, Contact Center Experience, Product Experience, and Digital Experience.

Whether retailers choose one Solution or them all, our SmartAI can help unlock customer-centric insights that help them create better experiences across the entire customer journey.

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