Stratifyd & QA Part I: Meet Clay Raynor

Quality assurance (QA) is one of the most important factors in establishing a positive customer experience and satisfaction. QA guarantees everything we are delivering to our customers meets the high standards of quality expected in the industry.

Since our founding in 2015, Stratifyd has built a solid team of dedicated QA professionals, including Lead Quality Assurance Engineer, Clay Raynor. Raynor has more than seven years of experience in the engineering and software development industries. He joined our team after time spent working at Bank of America, Charter Communications, and Duke Energy.

Stratifyd’s top priority is to deliver a high-performance product that drives actionable insights for our customers and their data analytics needs.

“I think every QA professional has their own way of describing the term,” Raynor said. “I like to think of QA as the process of setting a standard that all deliverables should meet, and the system you put in place to ensure your deliverables all meet that standard before they’re given to a customer.”

Raynor and the rest of our development team are passionate about executing the best practices to maintain our high quality standards and exceed the expectations of our customers.

“When I joined Stratifyd, I wanted to focus on collaborating with developers and engineers to create a list of best QA practices to adopt,” Raynor said. “Since then, we’ve created a roadmap for implementing these best practices and are looking to incorporate things such as unit testing, code coverage reports, continuous integration, and different forms of automation in the development process.”

Stratifyd is quickly expanding and is committed to developing the best data analytics software for our customers. We’re focused on taking our QA methods to the next level to guarantee our customers receive the best product possible.

“As Stratifyd continues to grow, it’s extremely important for our QA methods to grow alongside the platform,” Raynor said. “Many of the QA tasks that were considered too labor- or time-intensive – like integration testing or performance testing – have become a lot more practical over the last 5-10 years thanks to various automation tools and technologies.”

It’s critical for Stratifyd to implement sophisticated QA tools to ensure that everything we deliver to our customers is bug-free. Raynor is currently focusing on incorporating continuous integration, continuous delivery, and software fuzzing into the platform.

“These technologies have been at the forefront of software testing and QA recently and I’m excited about Stratifyd adopting them,” Raynor said.

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