Stratifyd Receives $10 Million in Capital Funding From CIBC

CIBC Innovation Banking has entered into a $10 million debt financing deal with Stratifyd to help facilitate future growth.

“We’re thrilled about this investment as it will help us achieve our goals by giving us the ability to hire top talent to help expand our solution’s capabilities and attract new clients,” said Derek Wang, CEO of Stratifyd. “Debt financing is especially humbling because it shows that an investor not only believes in Stratifyd and our vision for growth, but also sees the value of our platform and will be using it, themselves.”

“CIBC Innovation Banking is excited to work with the Stratifyd team,” said Amy Olah, Executive Director, CIBC Innovation Banking. “Stratifyd has built an innovative and powerful AI platform and is well poised for continued growth.”

In the last year, Stratifyd has been in hypergrowth mode. The company has been named the second fastest-growing company in the Charlotte area and has garnered praise from major organizations, including the American Business Awards, Gartner, Forrester, Forbes, and the Computing AI & Machine Learning Awards, for its exceptional technology, platform, and leadership.

Stratifyd’s AI-powered platform ingests, analyzes, and visualizes omni-channel customer feedback – such as star ratings, surveys, marketplace reviews, call center transcripts, social media content, and many other forms of structured and unstructured data – in real time to surface unknown insights. With Stratifyd, business users don’t need to be data scientists to understand the valuable insights that AI delivers. Customers across a variety of industries – ranging from financial services and healthcare to consumer-packaged goods and retail – use these insights to improve products and services, increase customer acquisition and retention, and grow revenue.

“We’re proud to know that CIBC is confident in Stratifyd’s upward trajectory,” said Shannon Ayers, CFO of Stratifyd. “To receive this investment and gain such an innovative partner means we’re on the right path, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

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