Stratifyd Solutions Help Anyone Discover Hidden Insights

We’re over-the-moon excited to announce Stratifyd Solutions, the next evolution of our Smart AI™-powered Experience Analytics Platform. Stratifyd Solutions are purpose-built to help brands keep up with the biggest challenges they face today: meeting the needs of their customers, improving the customer experience, providing the best products possible, and keeping the competition in the rearview mirror.

With Stratifyd Solutions, we’re putting the power of Artificial Intelligence into the hands of more business users so they can unlock the insights they need to succeed confidently. Traditional AI projects are often slow and unresponsive to the changing business environment. In fact, research has found that “85% of AI projects ultimately fail to deliver on their intended promises to business,” largely due to the “barriers to entry from senior management not seeing value or wanting to make the investment in the emerging technology.”

The organizational disconnect between the departments and teams that need the insights and the data scientists responsible for AI projects can make AI seem too costly and burdensome. Even though the teams know that AI is the key to unlocking better insights from their data, these initiatives are too often shelved for inferior solutions.

Our goal is to help democratize Artificial Intelligence by putting it in the hands of the people who need the insights—and Stratifyd Solutions are the next evolutionary step towards achieving that goal. Our first five solutions—Customer Experience and Voice of the Customer, Contact Center Experience, Product Experience, Digital Experience, and Medical Insights—will help transform the way these teams work while also helping them to deliver game-changing insights across the organization.  

We’ll dive into the specifics of each offering below, but the common benefits of each Solution include:

  • Unlock new insights faster than ever before with rapid AI model deployment;
  • Discover the trends, insights, and anomalies in your customer and employee’s experiences that help you better understand them and how your brand and products are perceived;
  • Empower your team to uncover, manage, and automate insights without coding experience or extensive IT help;
  • Close the loop with zero-touch insights that can be sent directly to the stakeholders that need to know and act on them.

A Closer Look at Stratifyd Solutions

We built each of the Solutions by combining our own deep industry expertise and studying the best practices of CX, Contact Center, and Product leaders. Each of these Solutions can work independently, or they can work together as part of an enterprise-wide Experience Analytics Platform to bring rapid, data-driven decision-making to the entire organization.

Stratifyd for Customer Experience and Voice of the Customer

For the CX leaders that want to listen with more empathy to their customers than ever before, our CX and VoC (Voice of the Customer) Solution supplies the insights they need. With this Solution, CX and VoC leaders can expect to reduce churn and build loyalty by responding more quickly to customer feedback. For many of these teams, the most valuable insights are locked away in the reams of unstructured data they collect—customer survey responses and other customer generated content—and it can take weeks of manual labor to tap into these insights holistically.

With Stratifyd for CX and VoC, teams can

  • Improve the Customer Experience

There are many forms of customer feedback. With Stratifyd, you can consolidate it all into a single view and unleash the power of AI on it all. Track your key performance metrics, identify the top opportunities to improve your CX, and automate insights for a faster-time-to-resolution (and value!) for your teams.

  • Speed Up Customer Recovery Efforts

Develop workflows that help you uncover at-risk customers and the reasons behind their dissatisfaction. Analyze customer feedback, operational, and behavioral data to predict churn, NPS, and future customer intentions with no-code Smart AI models, and integrate it all into your CMS and enterprise toolsets.  

  • Identify Location-Specific Performance and Coaching Improvements

Our Solutions give you a complete view, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck with one way of analyzing the data. Hone-in on location specific insights that can help you quickly reduce costs and improve experiences. Prioritize high impact actions when and where they’re needed.

  • Foster a Deeper Employee-Customer Connection

Employees are a critical part of the Customer Experience. Uncover the role the employee experience plays in driving exceptional experiences. Track employee performance against KPIs and uncover themes and sentiments that point to necessary improvements in the employee experience.

Stratifyd for Contact Center Experience

The last year has reinforced how critical Contact Centers are to the customer; calls, emails, and chats were critical touchpoints in the customer experience as in-person experiences were shuttered. For Contact Center Managers, it’s more important than ever to provide the best customer experience possible. To do that, we’re helping arm you with the insights that will help improve customer satisfaction and reduce the frustration that leads to agent turnover.

With Stratifyd for Contact Center Experience, teams can

  • Optimize the Contact Center

There’s a wealth of customer feedback to analyze in the Contact Center. Optimize your insights with AI-powered speech analytics that can help you find the high-value opportunities to improve processes and resource allocation. Understand the trends and friction points that impact your Key Performance Indicators like talk time, average handle time, and first call resolution.

  • Improve Agent Performance and Coaching

Whether you have a big team or small team of agents, improving their performance requires understanding the nuances of every customer interaction. Dive into the root causes behind agent performance to uncover high-impact improvement opportunities and build effective improvement plans.  

  • Promote Effective Sales Teams

Predictive modeling can help your inbound sales teams proactively identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Analyze customer behaviors to ensure your agents are providing the best suggestions, with insights integrated directly into your CMS systems.

  • Create a More Robust Compliance and Quality Assurance Program

From maintaining regulatory compliance to ensuring the best possible customer experience, you need to be able to detect, classify, and take action on critical feedback data. Make sure you’re running a compliant operation by quickly flagging customer privacy, fraud, or abuse concerns, plus other Federal requirements and protected class information. Automatically route any instances of concern or non-compliance to stakeholders for a fast time to resolve the issue.

Stratifyd for Product Experience

Product teams rely on customer feedback to better align their product updates and roadmaps to the needs of their customers but consolidating all of this feedback from third-party platforms and across the organization can be a huge challenge. Product and Marketing teams can quickly leverage the insights from customer conversations, wherever they’re happening, as well as monitor competitor and market trends. The goal is to automate new insights that fuel loyalty and love for your products. These insights can lead to greater product adoption and higher customer lifetime values.

With Stratifyd for Product Experience, teams can

  • Stay Up-to-Date on Current and Historical Brand and Product Perceptions

Whether it's an e-commerce platform review or a social media post, your customers are talking about your products. Bring all that valuable data into Stratifyd and unlock the top themes, sentiments, and emotions behind these conversations. Feed these insights to fuel better Product, Marketing, and Channel strategies.

  • Mine for Competitive Intelligence

Your prospective customers are also out there talking about your competitors. See what’s driving that conversation and gain insights into the levers moving the needle like pricing and feature comparison. Discover the gaps in your own product (or product marketing) to help you better position your offerings in the marketplace.

  • Highlight Key Areas for Product and Customer Experience Improvement

Customer dissatisfaction with the product comes down to two common causes: a need to improve the product or a need to improve the customer experience around the product. For the former, quickly track trends in product performance and quality control by monitoring customer feedback. For the latter, create actionable intelligence that can help improve customer onboarding, FAQs, and Contact Center training.

Stratifyd for Digital Experience

As the number of digital channels and touch points continue to grow, the challenges facing CX and Marketing teams continue to grow as well. Rein in the digital chaos to help protect your brands reputation by monitoring emerging trends and issues in customer conversations across every digital touchpoint. Automate insights and anomaly detection to quickly address issues before they become bigger problems.

With Stratifyd for Digital Experience, teams can

  • Combine Feedback Across Every Digital Channel

Whether it’s written customer feedback or operational data that points to a snag in the digital customer experience, track it all in one platform. Bring advanced text and speech analytics to bear on customer feedback to discover the emerging issues and friction points and create a closed-loop process for digital experience improvement.

  • Monitor Brand Performance Compared to Competitor Brands

Stay one step ahead of the competition by keeping tabs on their new products, services, and experiences. Benchmark your brand’s performance against competitors and share these competitive insights to key stakeholders across the organization.

  • Manage Social and Online Reputation

Stay one step ahead of your customers online, too. It’s impossible for any person to keep up with social media on their own; cover your blind spots by monitoring and analyzing social media mentions 24/7. Use our Smart AI technology to track and monitor the top themes and emotions in the conversations happening around your brand.  

Stratifyd for Medical Insights

Healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies are awash in feedback—from customers, patients, and doctors. Tackle it all with Smart AI to help improve the care and quality assurance levels at critical moments like new pharmaceutical product launches or from Health Care Provider (HCP) interactions. Automate and uncover insights from real-world evidence sourced directly from clinical data, medical affair data, and HCP feedback.  

With Stratifyd for Medical Insights, teams can

  • Improve Product Launches

Use feedback from patients and Medical Science Liaisons (MSL) to identify gaps and friction points during a new product launch. See what topics are leading to positive or negative patient and HCP feedback before, during and after launch to help prioritize opportunities to improve.

  • Increase Health Care Provider Engagement Confidence

Automate and identify the high-value insights from MSL comments. Unlock the insights that can help you better engage HCPs and improve confidence with products.

  • Unlock Critical Insights to Improve Medical Strategy

Product and patient messaging is critical to the long-term success of any product. Understand where HCPs and patients are dissatisfied with a product and make the necessary changes to product messaging. Find the high-impact themes that can help shape attitudes and improve behaviors and adoption.

  • Optimize Knowledge and Contact Centers

Ensure customer-facing teams and systems have the information patients need to succeed. Uncover the gaps in your Knowledge Center and Contact Center by monitoring for top themes and sentiment in these conversations, and flag high-priority opportunities to improve the resources available to these teams and systems. Ensure your customers are getting the same messages and instructions wherever they are interacting with your brand.

Find the Solution That’s Right for You

The days of AI being overhyped and underutilized are done. Now, there’s a Smart AI-powered Solution that fits the needs of your team and can be run by your team.  

Pick one or pick them all. Each Solution is robust enough to stand on its own and deliver value right away; they can also work together to form an Experience Analytics Platform that spans your entire organization. Best of all, our vendor-neutral approach to data means they’ll work with almost any other tool or platform you already have—no need for expensive and timely rip-and-replace projects.  

Explore each of our Solutions on your own today or schedule a demonstration and see what our Smart Ai-powered Solutions can do to help solve your business challenges.

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