Three Slack Channels Every Company Needs

If your company has more than 10 employees, chances are you use Slack, a chat tool which promotes collaboration among teams and departments. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a lot like Microsoft Teams.

But Slack isn’t just a platform to store information and keep track of important files; it’s a meeting space, bulletin board, and thought leadership generator for companies. It gives you the opportunity to get to know your co-workers, especially if you aren’t all in the same office.

As Stratifyd continues to grow, more Slack channels are created for different lines of business, like-minded groups of people, hot topics, and discussions about anything under the sun. I’ve noticed that our channels have grown to reflect and promote diversity company-wide. Companies need to promote and encourage these types of spaces, especially those which show support for women and minorities, as well as spaces that allow employees to become more culturally aware of the world around them.

Channels like these make employees feel comfortable, supported, and valued. They open lines of communication and provide transparency, breaking down barriers and driving innovation.

Out of the 100+ different Slack channels I'm a part of, I find myself consistently checking or contributing to three of our channels that promote diversity and inclusion, and I believe every company needs to have them to build a better company culture.

#Women’s Channel

We have a private #WomenofStratifyd Slack channel that’s truly a safe space for us to come together. This channel brings the women of the company unwavering support from one another and fosters acceptance, instead of promoting a negative, competitive culture.

There’s a lot of random chat in the channel, like the mysterious (but wonderful) artist who sticks Post-It Notes with adorably drawn foxes and horses, uplifting messages promoting body positivity and self-acceptance, and renditions of famous, empowering photos like Rosie the Riveter on the mirror of the communal bathroom in our office building. But we also talk a lot about current events and different ways to get involved with causes we’re passionate about.

For example, this week has been full of pride float conversations and information about National Gun Violence Awareness Day (which is today). We’ve made sure that those who don’t have anything orange to wear for the cause know that stickers are available in the office so they can still show their support.

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