Unstructured Customer Feedback Doesn't Have to Be a Headache

It's no secret that companies are generating more and more data every year, but not all data is created equally. Up to 80% of the data being generated and captured by companies is unstructured data. Unstructured data is different from the usual data companies rely on day-to-day; structured data comes in the form of spreadsheets and is easy for applications to ingest and use, but unstructured data like customer survey verbatims, call transcripts, chat logs and emails is not immediately usable by most business tools.

If companies want insights into the customer (or employee) experiences, it requires them to unlock the value of this unstructured data. Up until recently, only a fraction of this data was ever leveraged because it took lots of peoplepower to read, synthesize and extract value from it. While the information was definitely valuable, the time-to-insights were long; as a result, companies often bypassed unstructured data to find more cost-efficient insights in the structured data they had.

With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, companies can speed up the time to insights by automating and augmenting much of the labor required to extract insights from unstructured customer data. The advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning over the last few years have not only made text and speech analysis more accurate, but AI is becoming more business-user friendly, removing the barriers to insights like waiting for IT resources to free up. Giving the people that need the insights the power to find them is more than traditional AI: it's Smart AI™.

Check out our latest ebook, How to Turn Customer Feedback from Headache to Hero, and see how Smart AI is unlocking new ways for CX teams to efficiently use unstructured customer feedback. The use cases in the ebook represent some of the most common ways companies are putting Smart AI to work on their unstructured customer data.

For small CX teams (which is most CX teams, according to Forrester), adding in reliable text and speech analytics instantly makes the value of their surveys increase. Now, verbatims can be analyzed methodically for key trending topics and sentiments. But the speed and flexibility of Smart AI to find insights in unstructured data also lets CX teams do more than just surveys.

We wrote this book with a focus on CX teams because unstructured customer feedback is the biggest untapped resource companies have to help them improve the customer experience. But we also wanted to acknowledge the unique role Smart AI can play in expanding the scope of the CX organization. By turning customer feedback from an organizational headache into a hero-making insight machine, the CX team can help make every team from Marketing to Customer Support more customer-centric than ever.

So check out our latest ebook to see what other capabilities CX teams can unlock with Smart AI and why it's so important for CX teams to be leaders that push AI adoption in the enterprise. Download How to Turn Customer Feedback from Headache to Hero today!

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