What Is Smart AI™?

     by Vanessa Sorenson, Sr. Product Marketing Lead at Stratifyd

Does the thought of getting insights from your data bring on a headache? You’re not alone. Brands continue to struggle with making sense of the data they already have, miss out on insights from the data they don’t have, and don’t know how to prioritize their data effectively.  

With so much data to navigate today—and no end in sight for it continuing to increase—companies are looking to take the manual work out of data tasks. That’s becoming possible today with the advance of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Many companies have turned to AI tools to help better understand the insights in their data, only to fall flat on extracting anything meaningful. In fact, 85% of AI projects ultimately fail. If AI is supposed to help make sense of massive amounts of data, why do so many companies abandon their AI strategies or worse, do not attempt to use AI altogether?

The Challenge of Traditional AI Projects

There are a few challenges with “traditional” AI projects.  

Chief among them is the tendency for AI to be a cure-all for what ails a business. Companies without the right expectations of what AI can and cannot do, or having the right strategy to make AI worthwhile in the short and long run, are setting themselves up to struggle even if the algorithms run perfectly. Setting expectations is the first hurdle to clear, but many challenges arise during implementation and execution.  

Disjointed processes internally can hinder the value you get from your data. It’s nearly impossible to sift through all your data for insights manually. Internal data science teams, if they exist, might have the technical know-how to build an in-house AI tool, but these teams do not typically understand the problems and insights that business users need. They also have their own internal biases, and as a result end up wasting a lot of time and money building tools that do not provide the outcomes wanted from internal teams.

Similarly, if you aren’t using the right data and getting insights at the right moment, you could be missing out on key findings that are important to your business. Many companies approach AI as a “set it and forget it” strategy, but AI performs best when humans are continually involved. According to Gartner, to address this challenge augmented analytics is growing in popularity to combine AI, human intelligence, and contextual awareness to exact the insights from their data in order to act on it in the moment. To do that, more than a specialized set of analysts and data scientists will need to work with the AI tools.

However, it’s still important to invest in AI to help make sense of your data before you become overwhelmed by it. Forrester advises firms to not shy away from AI; “plan to quadruple your investment next year. Build your internal AI team, engage consultancies to implement domain-specific solutions, and upgrade your data, analytics, and machine learning platforms to rethink how you use AI.” The challenges here don’t outweigh the benefits in the here-and-now, or down the line.  

The Case for Smart AI

Here’s the thing: AI doesn’t need to be hard or intimidating. The use and benefits of Artificial Intelligence shouldn’t be an exclusive club.  

At Stratifyd we use Smart AI™ to empower people of all skill levels to move beyond traditional experience analytics.  

What makes Smart AI, well, smart?

By surfacing insights that existing approaches may miss, Stratifyd Smart AI takes the burden of manual analytics off your teams, proactively surfacing hidden signals and themes to make sure you never again miss another insight.  

We designed our Smart AI to helps businesses overcome the most common barriers to unlocking the benefits of AI. Smart AI can help you:

  • Discover insights at the speed of your business  

Get timely insights on the fly with ability to retrain AI models as often as your data updates. Easily automate your experience insights with the ability to continually surface key themes and trends in your data and no longer wait weeks or even months to update your AI model to suit your needs.

  • Instantly improve feedback and learnings  

Ditch the mysterious black box of other AI technologies. Stratifyd empowers brands to take control of the insights they receive from our Smart AI and provide feedback to improve the insights they receive.

  • Personalize Your Insights

Train our Smart AI to work for you. Unlike generic AI models that analyze your data across industries in a vacuum, Smart AI enables you to have full control over the insights that appear to you, so you no longer wonder how you came to any insight or conclusion, with the ability to train the platform to retrieve the insights that matter most to your business.

  • No Data Science or Coding Required

AI doesn’t have to be complicated; anyone can get started to train and use our Smart AI. No coding, data science knowledge or expensive professional services are required.

Why Businesses Need Smart AI Today

Smart AI helps address many of the fears that come with using AI and addresses the shortcomings with traditional analytics solutions used by different teams, including CX, Contact Centers, and Marketing. With Smart AI, businesses can immediately begin to extract value from their data with:

  1. A Holistic View of the Experience Journey

Get a full picture of every conversation and interaction that happens across your business to make better, more informed decisions on how to impact your experience.

  1. Uncovering Meaningful Insights

Smart AI helps breakdown the silos that come with implementing an AI tool by eliminating the need for multiple solutions, skills, and budget required to get meaningful insights from your data. Analysis can be done and automated within one, centralized platform.

  1. Measurable Outcomes from Data

Since Smart AI improves your experiences across channels by connecting your experience, behavioral, and operational data, you never again have to miss another insight resulting in increased loyalty from your customers, eliminating time consuming operational inefficiencies, saving money on multiple costly BI tools, and growing revenue through more relevant, informed experiences.


With Stratifyd Smart AI we believe that using AI doesn’t have to be scary, costly, or time consuming. When you take the burden of manual analytics off your team, you have more time to improve your experiences with the ability to surface hidden insights in your data to ensure you never again miss an insight that matters. To learn more about how Stratifyd Smart AI can help solve your data headaches, schedule some time to talk with us.

Vanessa Sorenson is the Sr. Product Marketing Lead at Stratifyd. She is a product marketer with over 8 years of experience working with B2B SaaS companies, specializing in AI, MarTech, and AdTech.

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