Where Are We Now: The State of Stratifyd

With the midway point of the year now clearly visible in our rear-view mirrors, we realize how busy we’ve been – and how much closer we are to achieving our goals for the year. Our accomplishments to date haven’t gone unnoticed, either; and there’s more to come as we enter the second half of 2019.

At the end of June, Stratifyd was recognized by Growjo as a company truly dedicated to growth and positioned to become an industry leader. According to the website’s advanced algorithm, Stratifyd is ranked as the fifth-fastest growing company in North Carolina and was recognized in the top 200 fastest growing companies in the tech industry.

We won a Bronze Stevie Award in the Product of the Year category for AI and ML, Stratifyd CEO, Derek Wang was named one of Charlotte Business Journal’s 40 under 40 class of 2019, and Forrester released a report that included Stratifyd as one of the top business intelligence (BI) platform providers.

However, none of these accomplishments would be possible without our talented team, which continues to expand.

In March, Shannon Ayers joined Stratifyd as Chief Financial Officer. In the short time since joining the company, Ayers has already seen a tremendous amount of growth from revenue and employee perspectives.

“In 2019, we’re planning to see more than 100% growth from a revenue standpoint,” Ayers said. “As we continue to grow our Fortune 1500 portfolio, we’re excited to expand the Stratifyd brand internationally.”

As the company continues to grow, Wang and the leadership team are focused on strengthening partner relationships, acquiring new Fortune 1500 customers and expanding the platform’s user base, and increasing the local and international employee footprint.

“This is our first, full fiscal year since receiving our Series B funding,” said Stratifyd Chief Revenue Officer, Brad Fleeman. “We’ve doubled our sales team and brought on international sales representatives to manage Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. It’s an exciting time to be at Stratifyd.”

By 2020, our goal is to increase the platform’s user base by 30% and to onboard more than 30 global Fortune 1500 customers. Placing a heavy focus on our customers current and future needs will not only help increase customer satisfaction but help to propel innovation within the platform.

A Security First Mentality

Stratifyd is working toward acquiring PCI certification and becoming SOC 2 compliant. Although the platform doesn’t naturally ingest PCI data, we’re focusing on remaining proactive to help protect the integrity of our customers' data.

The company has also applied for the privacy shield certification to ensure we meet both the security standards of the U.S. and the rigorous standards of the U.K.

Facing the Final Frontier

Unstructured data is widely known as the last frontier in the world of big data, and since our founding, Stratifyd has led the way in eliminating the barriers to adoption of data analytics. By using unsupervised machine learning, our AI-powered solution ingests, analyzes, and visualizes omni-channel customer feedback in near-real time.

“Watching unknown insights come to life and visualizing those results makes it real,” said Stratifyd Chief Technology Officer, Kevin O’Dell. “This is what helps to knock down that analysis paralysis.”

One Platform, Infinite Solutions

In 2019, Stratifyd will roll out several new, cutting-edge solutions to help solve unique problems that businesses face. After the successful launch of the predictive analysis solution, others will include anomaly detection on unstructured data and a new graph system for name entity recognition.

“On top of everything else, Faraz Syed [General Manager, Ecosystem and Speech Analytics] and his team are developing a brand-new project,” O’Dell said. “Stratifyd, along with its customers and partners, can collaborate to bring new and exciting solutions to market that we might not have thought about as a company.”

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