Zippia Names Stratifyd a Great Place to Work

by Lindy Gullett, PhD

Today, we're doing a deep dive into the company culture at Stratifyd. The fastest growing tech company in Charlotte, North Carolina, Stratifyd creates real-time data visualizations of customer feedback. Real-time visibility into what customers are saying - on social media, in reviews, online - allows brands to make better decisions faster.


Customers come first.
Stratifyd is a client-first business. Everything they do is centered on client satisfaction, and the notion that every customer matters. Good customer service requires handling customer inquiries quickly and efficiently. At Stratifyd, if a Client Manager identifies a product issue, they don't have to go through a bureaucratic chain of command to get the issue fixed. Instead, they can go directly to the product and engineering team to make the fix happen. Stratifyd's organizational values of collaboration, transparency, accountability, and execution are the cornerstones of building a client-first culture.


Stratifyd's team members are encouraged to cross department lines. The know that every success is not just a personal victory, it's a team victory.

For example, the marketing team puts on a monthly event called Creative Coffee, during which they present materials from outside their organization that sparked interest or excitement. These materials come in the form of Instagram posts, ads from other companies, books, pamphlets, or anything else. The group then discusses what they like about the material and how it could be applied to their marketing efforts. A new group is invited to participate each month, including new hires, engineers, or C-suite executives to bring fresh perspectives.

The marketing team has found that people love things that express and evoke emotion. Stratifyd recently put up a Billboard in Toronto, and the campaign was built almost entirely around concepts discussed during Creative Coffee. The billboard isn't just another tech ad with text from an Artificial Intelligence bot. Instead, the billboard is centered around emotion and humanity. It doesn't focus on the product. It focuses on the clients.

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