Red Maxwell Joins Stratifyd’s Advisory Board

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Red Maxwell, a brand building expert with more than 25 years of marketing experience, has joined Stratifyd’s Advisory Board.

“Red has been a trusted counselor of mine for years,” Stratifyd CEO, Derek Wang said. “Formalizing this relationship and giving him the ability to help us navigate through economics, marketing, and strategy is a big plus for our company.”

Stratifyd is an end-to-end customer analytics company with a focus on democratizing both data and AI. We strive to interpret and predict human intent to drive actionable insights from structured and unstructured data. We believe that the potential of this space is limitless, and we’re thrilled to have Maxwell to help us on our journey of growth and innovation.

Maxwell was an early investor and Board Director of AvidXchange, a Charlotte “unicorn” which helps businesses automate the Accounts Payable and payments processes. He began his tenure working at AvidXchange as Chief Marketing Officer and now acts as its Senior Vice President of Growth Innovation and Strategy.

Maxwell is passionate about driving and supporting the startup community in Charlotte, which was one of the reasons he chose to join Stratifyd as an advisor.

“I’m very excited to join Stratifyd’s Advisory Board,” Maxwell said. “Its promise and potential remind me of AvidXchange in its early days. I look forward to helping guide them to similar growth and drive a revolution in customer intelligence through AI and data science.”

Stratifyd recently secured a $25 million round of Series B funding and is building out a strong board to help get to the next stage.

“This will have a very positive impact on the future of Stratifyd,” Wang said. “I think attracting Red at this stage is validation that we’re on the right path. He'll help open up our network, provide more strategic vision, and give us insights which will help navigate through, or avoid, all the landmines that come with company growth.”

About Stratifyd

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