Research Scientist/Engineer

Job Description

  • Open Minded and Self-Motivated Research Scientist/Engineer
    • Product & Publication Track
  • Designing models for various business intelligence tasks including but not limited in:
    • Numerical and Text Data Regression/Classification
    • Opinion mining, Sentiment Analysis, User profiling
    • Topic Modeling, Trend Detection, Time Series Analysis
    • QA or Information-Seeking System
    • Recommendation System
  • Deploying models on stratifyd’s business analytics platform
  • Research Literature Exploring and Writing


  • Ph.D. or master’s degree in CS, DS, STATS, etc.
  • Proficient in Python
  • Research Literature Reading/Exploring
  • Excellent written and communication skills
  • Object-oriented/object function scripting languages: C++, Java, etc.
  • PySpark and MongoDB (or other NoSQL databases)
  • Interested but not Limited Project Experience in:
    • Neural Networks/Bayesian Model/Representation Learning/Reinforcement Learning
    • Natural Language Processing/Understanding
    • Recommendation System
    • Information Retrieval System
    • Goal-Oriented Question Answering/Information Seeking System


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*Stratifyd, Inc. offers employees a competitive salary along with a casual work environment, paid time off, healthcare, vision, dental, and 401(k).

Stratifyd is an equal opportunity employer all qualified candidates will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status.*