Create Flexible Analysis in Near Real Time

Ensure data is always relevant by creating real time analysis to inform every customer driven decision.

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Industry Specific Data Connectors & Templates

Thanks to the internet and review sites, it is easy for consumers to see what others are saying about a hotel, and to make a reservation decision based on that customer feedback. If you are the Product Manager of a Hotel chain, this is exactly the type of voice-of-the-customer information you need. Knowing what customer are talking about, the common themes and categories, and watching the trends and geographic analysis, you can make informed decisions about how to improve your business. The challenge is analyzing thousands of reviews, going beyond the star ratings to see the ‘why’, ‘when’, and ‘where’ behind the rating. 

Analyzing these reviews without a data analytics software is time consuming and takes a lot of resources and prioritization. This causes delays in time to insights. With Stratifyd's data analytics platform, analyzing these same data sets takes a fraction of the time and resources. 


Intuitive Insights

  • Efficiently merge separate data silos for a singular view.

  • Quickly customize dashboards to display relevant data.

  • Effortlessly filter data to contextualize real time insights.

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Enhanced Decisions

  • Easily analyze large volumes of data from multiple channels to inform every business decision.
  • Automatically generate insight from structured and unstructured data to improve customer experience.
  • Immediately recognize trends and habits to proactively resolve issues with product or customer engagement.
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