Stratifyd Separates Complaints From Feedback In Real Time

This prebuilt solution uses NLU and sentiment modeling to remove human bias and let you address customer concerns before they deflect.

Instant Application

Our complaint vs. feedback solution is ready to instantly be applied to any data set including textual data.

Natural Language Understating Technology

Our platform ingests the data and deploys cutting-edge technology to speed up processing, analyze and translate foreign languages, break words down to their roots, remove repetitive words (like “I,” “a,” and “the”), score words against our robust lexicon, and generate meaningful word clusters, in minutes.

Insight into the Voice of the Customer

End-users are then given unique insight into the Voice of the Customer and can determine creative solutions to any issues.

Want to see it in action?

Here’s a demo video to show how companies like yours can surface unknown insights with this prebuilt solution.

The next step is scheduling a demo to see the unique, unsurfaced insights in your customer data.